Western Canadian Music Awards

Moses Mayes has once again been nominated for a WCMA. Moses won a Prairie Music Award for our first album and a WCMA for our third, Second Ring. This time Moses Mayes featuring Maiko Watson has been nominated for Urban Recording of the Year.

We are very excited to be nominated and even more so that Break Out West and the WCMA’s are happening in Winnipeg this year. Moses will be doing a show that weekend so check back soon for date and time.

New album featuring Maiko Watson available now!


Album art is IN 3D – free pair of MM 3d glasses with each CD purchased.

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After 7 years of line-up changes, studio changes and trying to answer the question, “Who’s Moses Mayes?”, Moses has completed the album they had always meant to make. The new album, simply titled, “Moses Mayes featuring Maiko Watson” will be officially released in Canada on Dublum Records on Nov 1.

2011 was a year of significant transformation for Moses Mayes, as founding members Mark Penner and Grant Paley decided that spring to move on to explore other opportunities. Stephen Arundell stepped forward as the new lead guitarist in the new line-up, with Antin, Nathan and Julian continuing to fill out the rhythmic core.

Work continued on the songs as Nathan and Antin, the 2 remaining founding members, began to explore a style that would put even more energy into their songs. A style defined by more intense drums and Stephen’s edgy guitar but still with the Rhodes, Moog and bass grooves that gave their previous work its unique flavour. It would be another 6 months before the final piece would fall into place.

Following a rehearsal for a show in December 2011 in which Nathan was accompanying Maiko on keys, discussion turned to the new Moses songs. Both performers quickly agreed that the combination of the disco/dance/funk sound of Moses Mayes with the soulful intensity of Maiko’s vocals would be something they’d very much like to hear. Moses was a band without a singer and Maiko was a singer without a band. After months of studio sessions and tracks sent back and forth between Winnipeg (Moses) and Toronto (Maiko), the ablum was complete.

Mixed and mastered with Andrew Yankiwski (Precursor Productions) in Winnipeg the album finally captures the high energy of a Moses Mayes show in a studio recording.



Summer is here…

and the album is done. We have some shows to do this summer and need to finalize the album art then we will be good to go! I am very pleased with how it’s sounding. I’ve been working with Andrew Yankiwski here in Winnipeg in finishing up the mix and mastering. He’s done a great job and I am excited to get it out there.

It’s been a very hot summer so far here in Winnipeg. I spent a weekend in Montreal and they were experiencing the same heat with added humidity so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. Even the mosquitoes haven’t been as bad as some years… they’re still bad… just not as bad…

Speaking of Montreal, while I was there I had the good fortune of seeing fellow Winnipeg-based band Royal Canoe. Their show totally blew me away. Amazing. Great musicians, great band. If you ever get the chance to see them, I highly recommend it.

Well, that it’s for now. Cheers everyone!



Down to our last few songs

Mixing continues on the new album, only a few more songs to go. We’ve got some new pictures up on our Facebook page from our recent Surviving Winter series. It seems like we should have extended the series seeing as winter has decided to stick around much longer then usual here in Winnipeg.

With June only a couple of months away I am beginning to put my mind towards our annual outdoor show at the Winnipeg Jazz festival. This year’s show will be extra special as it will likely also be the cd release party for the album. Also, on that same day – team Moses will be running the relay at the Manitoba Marathon. We still have room for at least one more runner so if there are any MM fans out there that feel up to running 10K get in touch with us.

In honour of the great Canadian band Rush being entered into the Hall of Fame tonight (it’s about time), I’m putting in one of my favourites from them. The video is particularly appropriate since that’s about how much snow we still have here!!! Enjoy!

Last Show for the Surviving Winter Series

Well, we’ve almost made it through another series. A big thank you to all the bands that have performed at the shows and to everyone who came out and supported us over the last 5 months. Winter is almost done!

As always, work continues on the new songs. We are getting close. Really. We are. I’m not sure how other bands do it, how they actually manage to release a song let alone an album. It just always seems that there is more to be done on each track before it feels ready to be sent out. Well, the final push is on.

Thank you to everyone who have been asking about us making our way to their city/country. We would love to get to all of those places (especially the warm ones). If you have specific clubs/spaces that you think we should check out as a venue please let us know.

In the meantime, check out a video I put together the other day featuring a pre-release version of a song that will be on the upcoming album that we performed at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival last year.

More changes!

Well, we’ve moved out of our studio of the past few years and are still looking for a new home. There are several possibilities – hopefully one works out some time soon! We’ve also got some interesting things going on in terms of the album. I can’t go into any detail at the moment but I will be posting more in the next couple of weeks.

Former guitar player for Moses, Mark aka Cyclist was in town last night spinning at a local pub. He is in the process of moving to Toronto from Vancouver – from one end of Canada to almost the other.  It was good to hang out and catch up. He’s got lots of great music coming out which I highly recommend checking out.

And we’re less than 2 weeks away from our semi-annual show at the Lyric stage in Assiniboine Park here in Winnipeg. We always have a great time – great music in a beautiful park!