Last Show for the Surviving Winter Series

Well, we’ve almost made it through another series. A big thank you to all the bands that have performed at the shows and to everyone who came out and supported us over the last 5 months. Winter is almost done!

As always, work continues on the new songs. We are getting close. Really. We are. I’m not sure how other bands do it, how they actually manage to release a song let alone an album. It just always seems that there is more to be done on each track before it feels ready to be sent out. Well, the final push is on.

Thank you to everyone who have been asking about us making our way to their city/country. We would love to get to all of those places (especially the warm ones). If you have specific clubs/spaces that you think we should check out as a venue please let us know.

In the meantime, check out a video I put together the other day featuring a pre-release version of a song that will be on the upcoming album that we performed at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival last year.