More changes!

Well, we’ve moved out of our studio of the past few years and are still looking for a new home. There are several possibilities – hopefully one works out some time soon! We’ve also got some interesting things going on in terms of the album. I can’t go into any detail at the moment but I will be posting more in the next couple of weeks.

Former guitar player for Moses, Mark aka Cyclist was in town last night spinning at a local pub. He is in the process of moving to Toronto from Vancouver – from one end of Canada to almost the other. ┬áIt was good to hang out and catch up. He’s got lots of great music coming out which I highly recommend checking out.

And we’re less than 2 weeks away from our semi-annual show at the Lyric stage in Assiniboine Park here in Winnipeg. We always have a great time – great music in a beautiful park!